Alpaca Sales

The Alpaca Classic 2016 Elite Auction and Pen Sale

The fifth Alpaca Classic: There is to be an offering of 10 lots in a traditional auction conducted from the rostrum by Brett Kaysen for those of you that enjoy the thrill of the chase.  In this part of the sale there will be the “Breeders Choice” lots being offered by both the Alpaca Stud and Bozedown Alpacas.  As in previous years, Bozedown Alpacas will also be offering their Breeder’s Selection Lot, offering a free choice from 16 exceptional yearling females, which will all be available for viewing at the Event.    Then, in addition, we are offering a number of alpacas in a “Pen Auction”, which will cater for those who prefer to make their choices in a more relaxed atmosphere.  Whilst all alpacas are to be sold with the same warranty as set out in the Terms and Conditions of sale, the Pen Auction will have some opportunity for discrete competition, and offers a varied range of alpacas designed to meet a broad spectrum of breeders’ needs and budgets.


All alpacas are available for inspection from Friday evening and throughout the weekend, with the auction scheduled for 6:30pm on Saturday.  The Pen Auction however will go live on September 9th and will run throughout the weekend, with all offerings closed by 3:00pm on Sunday.  If you would like to get a jump start All alpacas can be viewed at prospective farms by arrangement prior to the event.  To avoid any misunderstanding the framework for this part of the weekend is set out below.


Pen Auction:

  • Buyers will register with the sale office and receive a “bidders” number.
  • Offers can be made either in person via the sale office, by written offer or via e-mail or text.  No bid will be valid unless the bidders number is included in any such offer.
  • There are to be three quality/price groups from each host farm.
  • All alpacas will have a reserve price posted.
  • All alpacas will have a “Buy Now” price.
  • The “Buy Now” price will be only available until 1:30 pm Sunday Sept 18th, 2016. 
  • If the Buy Now price is not taken by the scheduled time, the Pen Auction will run until the scheduled Sale Closed time.
  • At the scheduled Close the bidder making the highest offer will be the purchaser, provided that the reserve price has been met.



A) Alpaca A is reserved at £3999.  The “Buy Now” price is £4500, available until 1:30pm on Sunday. Buyer X offers the “Buy Now” price of £4500 at 12:15pm on Saturday and secures the purchase.  Alpaca A is no longer available.

B) Alpaca B is reserved at £4500.  The “Buy Now” price is £5000, available until 1:30pm on Sunday.  Buyer X has bid £4900 at 1:25pm on Saturday.  The Buy Now time passes with no further offers until Buyer Z offers £5000 at 2:45pm on Sunday.  The “Buy Now” time having passed this offer does not secure the purchase; two other bids are made with Buyer Z securing the purchase with his last bid of £5600 made at 4:25pm.

C) Alpaca C is reserved at £4500.  The “Buy Now” price is £5500, available until 1:30pm Sunday.  Buyer Y offers the reserve price of £4500 at 10:30am on Sunday; no further offers are received by 2:30pm.  Buyer Y secures the purchase with the reserve price of £4500.