Seminars and Workshops

This year expect your thirst for knowledge on all things Alpaca to be satisfied but we are also thinking outside the square a bit!

Sarah Riley is a consultant, trainer and independent Glamping industry expert. She is also the founder of the internationally acclaimed ‘Ultimate Glamping Business Guide’, helping new businesses launch their ideas quickly and jump ahead of the competition. In partnership with Inspired Camping it has been developed as an online course with explanation videos and detailed information to support learners through every step of the process, releasing some very profitable trade secrets while helping new businesses to thrive. So if you are looking to expand your existing business or augment it through any sort of diversification book in and see what gems Sarah has to offer!    For anyone looking to diversify or augment there alpaca business this seminar is a must!

The 2016 Classic is offering a photography workshop with none other than the talented Harvey Brown of Blackberry Alpacas to instruct us. It is no secret that Alpacas make for a beautiful photograph but not all of us have the skills to really do them justice which is a big drawback when it comes to promotion of our herds.  Attend this years Classic and do your Alpacas justice!

He’s back….Brett Keysen returns for the 2016 Alpaca Classic. This year not only will he take to the rostrum but he will also be offering a workshop on ‘Form and Function’. This will be a hands on workshop so yet another fantastic learning opportunity!

Camelid vet Claire Whitehead will be running invaluable workshop for breeders at the 2016 Alpaca Classic. This workshop will include a look at parasite management and observation. You will also leave the Classic equipped with simple hands on tools to give you useful ‘quick’ assessments you can make of animal health and know when your action or veterinary intervention is required. Claire will also have a trade stand for you to visit and learn more about the camelid specific veterinary services she offers. Visit Claire’s website to learn more about her qualification and depth of experience!

Nick Harrington-Smith will be teaching a hands on practical workshop at this year’s Classic. Nick will draw on his 18 years experience in Alpaca breeding and some 14 years in Alpaca judging to teach you ‘How to avoid single trait selection/trait weighting for breeding.’ We’ve all been guilty of it at some time so kick barn blindness in to touch and weigh up the bigger picture!


A hands on workshop aimed at helping delegates to look objectively at their fleeces both to aid in breeding decisions and make the most of every show entry!

on Friday evening you can pop along and join us to hear from Brett his thoughts on ‘How EBV’s have led to progression in the cattle industry”.